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About us


"In any team sport, the best teams have consistency and chemistry"- Roger Staubach



For over 25 years our family business has been committed to serving and performing excellent landscaping needs to homeowners, landscapers, and nurseries throughout Florida. 

It all started 31 years ago when my business partner Isaac Hayes and myself (Ernesto Cordero) decided to purchase an acre out in Homestead, Florida. Years prior to doing so, we provided lawn service maintanance for residential homes in South Florida. We purchased our land with the intension of getting started in the stock dealer industry. Over the years, through hard work, consistency, and the will to sacrifice we were able to expand our family business into an operation of over 250 acres of stock. 


We believe that the key to major growth in a business is attainable when your team performs with a purpose, integrity, and consistency. Following these principles gave us the opportunity to expand our business to a different market.


In the summer of 2017 our family purchased 18 acres of land on State Road 64, east of I-75 in Bradenton, FL. My wife (Carina Cordero), our three children (Katherine, Stewart, Brandon), and myself lived in an RV on our newly purchased land for the first few months during the development of our property. Day in and day out we worked to clean up what was soon to be our future store. Four years in and we are still building and developing our nursery, all while running our business and serving Lakewood Ranch and the surrounding area. All things Landscaping. Today CC Landscaping and Nursery has become a one stop shop for all your landscaping needs. Our nursery has in stock quality plants of all kinds whether you are looking for perennial's, seasonal, succulents, vines, ground covers, citrus & fruits tree, and a variety of palms that we have to offer. Landscape supply such as mulch, sand, soil, rocks, quarries, shell, and sod is also available at our store. You don't want to miss out on our selection of pottery, statues, fountains, benches and sculptures that we have to offer for your home. Our services outside the store include delivery, installations, and wholesale supply for nurseries and landscapers throughout Florida. 

With that being said, my self (Ernesto Cordero), my wife (Carina Cordero), my business partner (Isaac Hayes) and his wife (Norys Hayes), invite you to come meet us personally at our nursery to see what CC Landscaping and Nursery has to offer for you. 

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